Welcome to My Electronic Portfolio

I am presenting this portfolio with pride and satisfaction. It is the culmination of years of work with children, based on my educational philosophy and my deepest respect for the potential of children. The projects I am presenting here have been designed with high expectations from my students to accomplish their best work and to reach their highest level of thinking. They have always been up to the task, reacting with the same enthusiasm that I have invested in each project that I designed. This portfolio is dedicated with appreciation to all the students I taught throughout the years, their excitement, curiosity, and motivation to do the work and the fun that we shared together doing it.

Some of the projects presented here have been done by my students, following project guidelines that were provided by me. They have employed their best know-how and imagination in interpreting the task and came up with unique masterpieces that represent their own capabilities. I wanted to contact each of them to get permission to present their work, but the task was too overwhelming and difficult to do in the time that was available for me to develop this portfolio. I want to use this opportunity to thank each of my students that participated in my classes and in particular those that have projects presented here. I made sure to remove any traces of their names or faces, and I am presenting here their work only. I hope that when they see this portfolio, they will be as proud in their past accomplishments, as I am presenting their work.

Some of the projects you will view here require either Shockwave© or the LCSI© MicroWorlds Web plug-in. The MicroWorlds Web Player can be acceessed by clicking on this link and the Shockwave Player can be accessed and installed by pressing this link.

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