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I believe that in order to function in the information age, students must learn how to be information producers, not just consumers. My goal is to support knowledge construction through student created projects. I consider technology as a tool that students learn with not from. In the absence of one computer per child, the computer lab is the place where students come to work on projects, assigned by their teachers or made-up by them. The tools I introduce are tailored to fit the projects students are engaged in and belong to a large group of tools called, productivity tools. Throughout my career, I have introduced the following tools: MicroWorlds, Macromedia Director, HyperStudio, HyperCard, FileMaker Pro, Macromedia Director, Painter, Photoshop, Office, Squeak, Scratch, Google Apps, Maps, Earth, Sketchup, Zotero, Diigo, and DoInk.

These are MicroWorlds Shapes Projects using Logo programming, created by 1st Graders from Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School